Today’s determination is the latest in our series of Buddhist inspired determinations that offer objects of our mindful masturbation. They are designed to lead us into a closer, deeper relationship with our penis through consciousness which we need to create first penis power, and then superpotency. Having said that, the following determination does this indirectly by offering relief from the preoccupations of the ego (see previous post). Hit me up in the comments and share your thoughts.

Penis emjoi as phallus iconography

Ever wondered what it will feel like to die? Will there be discomfort at the moment we transit from a living being into what today’s science might call non-existence? In truth, no one knows. Though it is probably rather similar to the experience of birth, when we each entered existence and into a living being.

On the one hand, it seems improbable that anyone would have a memory of being born. Improbable, yes. But of the billions upon billions of human beings born, is it not equally improbable that not even one is known to have recalled the experience of their birth.

Since it appears utterly impossible to identify any beginning to our mental continuum, let us accept that the alternative is possible, that our non-physical state existed before we had life and continues without end after we die.

Traditional buddhist illustration of the samsara.
The wheel of life – Saṃsāra

From this follows the Buddhist teaching of the endless cycle of saṃsāra. When we shall die, we shall take rebirth; and our present life was the rebirth taken from our life before.

“A life lost, is a life gained.”

It is not only Buddhists that possess something of this concept. There exists in the English language the saying that, “A life lost, is a life gained.” It’s origins might at least be traced back to the death of Jesus.

“He died for all, that those who live might no longer live for themselves but for him, who for their sake died and was raised.”

Bible, 2 Corinthians, Chapter 5, Verse 15.

If we have experienced countless rebirths, then most certainly too have we had countless mothers to give birth to us. So, we ask, where are all our mothers now? They are each and every person and every single living being alive at this moment.

Repeatedly contemplating this point, let’s generate within us the peaceful recognition and acceptance that all living beings are our mothers.

This recognition is the object of our meditation or our mindfulness, if perhaps not of our mindful masturbation…

Feature illustration: @dizdoodz

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