When we were conceived, a unique blueprint was made for us. Nature took the human genome and wove it with our distinct phenotype to produce a plan for each of our organisms, and in it is the plan of our penis. We were totally mapped in that cosmic moment nine months before we were born. This is what our spirit was given to work with.

Penis emjoi as phallus iconography

The human genome gave us a basic design for our brain circuitry preloaded with know-how for the complete governing of our organism throughout life. In it is information we continue to use to surive like how to regulate our body’s organs in any environment.

The genome equipped our penis and brain to work in tandem to…

  • regulate our urinary system
  • produce erections rendered operational in the womb
  • experience pleasure by penile stimulation
  • initiate puberty at a time prescribed in our phenotype but carried out in a standardised sequence dictated by the genome and which we all share.
  • activate and regulate the male side of the human reproductive system, and
  • initiate and maintain throughout adulthood the running of the male drives after their pubescent upgrade.
A man's hand beholds his penis which is shrouded in an aura of stars, light and colour.
Original work using an image from the Dick Portrait Project. 2019.

Last in the list, our drives fill our minds with objects of male interest, curiousity and desire which compel us into an endless variety of social, sexual, productive, reproductive and fraternal relationships. Through consciousness, these compulsions play a major part in the spontaneous invention of positive intentional acts that produce penis power. Freud theorised that our drives – including the complementary drives of women – motivate us, are biological and innate. It is through our drives that we come to possess a dynamic set of cooperative connections to other human beings.

“It is thanks to our drives that stories and tales from thousands of years ago are as enthralling today as the day they were written.”

Our drives are constant, they span the generations. It is thanks to our drives that stories and tales from thousands of years ago are as enthralling today as the day they were written. No matter what or when, Greek mythology or Shakespeare play, the nuance of narratives which turn on characters’ jealousies, envies and desires endure. A hallmark of our primate species, these constants have aided humankind to achieve more than any other species we know of. How, then, did civilisations diverge so greatly in their presence? And why, despite the role of the penis, in the wider sense – encompassing all of the family jewels, as the source of our drives, do we find ourselves in a society deeply fearful of the penis?

Why does society fear the penis?

The answer to these questions is that our drives merely set us in motion. The actions we render are only partly spurred by the momentary glimpses our drives inject into our mind’s eye. Consider first that the glimpses we experience, their frequency, their vividness, are each our own. They are prescribed in our blueprint which was not wholly of the genome but resulted from a marrying of genotype with phenotype. Whatever their nature, these glimpses are computed by our mind, itself a combination of genotype, phenotype plus the sum of all the experiences it has witnessed, everything it has learned in the course of our life up to that moment. The resulting actions we take, which seem to be of our own invention, are in fact a function of the extent to which our mind differs from the one outlined in the human genome. Nonetheless unique, these actions set us outward along diverging paths.

No sooner did we evolve, did gatherers, hunters, outliers, explorers and conquerors scatter us across the Earth’s surface, and isolated first by distance and changing geographies, then by the passage of time. A plethora of distinct civilisations emerged, only for them to re-converge more recently. We can trace this convergence to the end of Roman rule in Great Britain and the subsequent success of Germanic tribes from the 5th Century onwards. The British Empire produced today’s model of authority, order and control that sees nation-states assume God-like powers over their people and the responsibility to right wrongs. Laws coded wrongs into crimes which nation-states made themselves the victim of all and balanced them with fear. This contrasted with earlier Buddhist civilisations in which wrongs were transmuted by the principals of compassion and forgiveness. A society which maintains order by fear need not care of the wrongdoer or their reintegration into society to be effective, wrongdoers need only be mercilessly scapegoated as a warning to others. So when the Puritans and Capitalists sought to focus society on God’s gift of procreation and productive growth, the stick was easily oiled in aid of their cause.

The promise of salvation and economic wealth, likely clouded people’s judgement in believing that laws might guide not only the economy, but Nature too. Once holding the levers of power, the Puritans and the Capitalists passed laws that swept up the wasteful and the sinful under the gamut of indecency and against nature. It included sex before marriage, sex not with one’s spouse, sex with multiple partners, sex between men, exposure of any sex whatsoever, as well as acts supposed to encourage any of the former such as exposure of the erect penis, masturbation, and simple nudity. A diverse sexuality, particularly as expressed by men, was replaced with a state of fear, anxiety and powerlessness. In other words, shame.

Shame weakened the penis of normal boys and men, their drives unbalanced toward ego, their minds not free. We might view bad deeds borne out of this state, as acts of madness akin to cutting off one’s nose despite their face. Indeed, any action that knows not what it hurts or what it destroys is deeply unconscious and ego driven. Laws which made sexual expression a crime, replacing it with fear are like this too. The penis, in directing thought giving rise to unique actions, also made us vulnerable to the computations of unconscious minds. Minds which didn’t believe that once squashed men’s sexuality would only burst from the sides.

A man bends down for intercourse with a standing male. 600 BCE.

An interesting exercise is to compare today with a civilisation predating our own. Consider Ancient Greek practices that spanned a period of 1000 years or more. Greek warriors mentored adolescent males through often sexual relationships. Today, modern Greek men and men everywhere are prohibited from such activity, almost at pain of death. Which betrays mens’ drives?

The tremendous irony is that that the only way forward is the return of the penis to the man. The return of power from the nation-state to the penis and the restoration of harmony to every man’s relationships. Freedom of the mind through consciousness. Freedom of manhood through the removal of the laws that corrupt it. Once manhood is free, men will discover all the fruits of their loins like superpotency and other socio-sexual innovations at a societal level. Therefore, it is incumbent upon each of us to develop consciousness to protect our actions from the harm of our unconscious, ensuring they may once again be true to our genome.

The human genome details a blueprint for a male connector to Nature, our penis. Manhood, once the guardian of the penis, has become toxic and turns men against each other. Boys find themselves in a hostile world, entangled in bureaucratic layers of repression, unconsciousness and darkness. But darkness is admonished by the light produced by the energetic power of the penis. We can and do step beyond our constants as we always have, and like this we can step outside of the toxicity ourselves in by forging meaningful sexualities and reshaping manhood one relationship at a time to realise the penis as a connector to Nature and as the means to Nature’s progression.

I plan to follow up this story with a more detailed exploration of Freud’s drives which will illuminate the main theme of this story in more compelling and scholarly terms. That said, I would hugely love and do invite corrections, wonderings or elaborations on any of the above to help me and other readers… even if to reject or perhaps tease out the idea of the penis as a connector to something external to the body that is not visible to our other senses. This idea emerged late while writing this piece which may be why the content of the article does not address it directly. Nat.

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