Somewhere in the World lives a man whose johnson is the longest, fattest and heaviest of all. Let’s not speculate about how it feels being him, instead our point is that even this man’s penis is tiny compared to the enormity and magnitude of the penis that each and every one of us have in its totality.

Holding our penis as often as we do, still we shall never grasp with our mind precisely where it begins and ends.

No matter the physicality, our family jewels have untold cosmic potential beyond bodily function. Secularism rises from the failure of religion to improve peoples lives, but both are failing to value our penis enough for it to assist us spiritually or connect us with a higher self. Understanding how our penis could do these things is challenging. It is like attempting to hold in our minds eye the unfathomable dimensions of a Universe which contains more stars than exist grains of sand on Earth.

Deeper we must search by looking for something so vast it is not visible with our eyes, and feeling for something so expansive our hands will not reach. Outside the grasp of our physical senses, we might think that it does not exist at all. But we can be guided towards it by breaking matters down into man-scale parts.

Penis emjoi as phallus iconography

The Three Gemstones

The family jewels are comprised of the Three Gemstone – the penis and each testes. They symbolise the three systems which interact to complete our sexual being. Without these, our genitals would be slaved to our bodies like livers and lungs. These are the Three Gemstones which give us the sparkle that make us complete:

  1. Penis power: The power we have named as being of our penis is the energy we sense as pleasure and which grows out from our warm centre, filling us with light.
  2. True manhood: The community of peers, of men bonded with each other in friendship and love. In brotherhood, or whatever we might name it, we are bound together unconditionally as equals.
  3. Nature: It is by and through Nature that penis power can transcend the genitals to fill our entire body, mind and spirit with its light. Then it beams out of our bodies and down our tail-bones, reaching into the Earth, and like the roots of a forest becomes intertwined with the men close to use and melds with all men, strengthening each other.

I must rely upon penis power, true manhood, and Nature as my ultimate refuge.


By receiving the power of the Three Gemstones and with the help of our mates and brothers in manhood, we will accomplish profound realisations about our place within and our service to Nature. Through this, we will be permanently liberated from the suffering of manhood’s toxic past.

Penis emjoi as phallus iconography

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