Imagine Clark Kent jumping into a phoneboooth and transforming into the Man of Steel. Becoming a superpotent man is like that but more Earthly. It’s also less about the phonebooths these days, the locker room😄 makes a good update on that.

Becoming superpotent involves rising from unconsciousness to strike at penis weakness. It is growing our consciousness to help us build an unstoppable supply of penis power. With these capabilities and skills we can achieve great things which in turn foster superpotency.

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Potency is cherished by the male of the species. If we possess the power and might to influence change then we are potent. If we sustain our engine house of penis power, we are not impotent, we are potent. Superpotency is the quality born from the fruit of potency.

The foundation of penis power is being cocksure

Superpotency needs penis power. The most important path to becoming superpotent is maximising penis power. In essence, this is a process of thinking positively about ourselves and our penis. In other words, it is about being cocksure, having complete confidence in our own mind.

5 kinds of cocksure

  1. Accepting what we cannot change
  2. Changing what we cannot accept into attributes like good health, fitness, and appearence
  3. Taking an upbeat stance
  4. Choosing courage in the face of uncertain gains and great risks
  5. Living without remorse or regret

When a man is up, so is his penis; and vice versa. Thinking of men who are superpotent, it is often sportsmen at the top of their game that come to mind. Or, we might think of a successful sales executive exuding penis power. These men are cocksure without doubt and somehow we see them as sexual beings without being attracted to them, not always at least. That’s penis power oozing out.

Lastly, there are some characteristics that make the superpotent man they do not. Wealth and social status are two that do not translate into worthy qualities of admiration and so cannot on their own constitute superpotency. Then there are alpha males, a phrase describing men with bodily traits which, according to evolutionary biology, may signify a genetic advantage. It includes things like tallness, a deep voice, and masculinising facial features. Granted, if you have any of these you may find life easier! But wealth, status and alpha traits aside, some other men command attention; these guys have penis power.

We are our penis, our penis is us, and we are in control of our whole destiny. Rise to the challenge!

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