If I run into a friend in the men’s changing room at my gym, the banter is usually a dance between wanting a meaningful exchange and moderating what I say for the guy nearby who can overhear us. In contrast, consider the locker room of an elite sports team where each male has a significant social relationship with every other male. Here, castrated public ettiquette is not invoked. Everything is raw masculine intent, so powerful that individual life outcomes turn on what is said.

When banter between males plays out unrestrained, every word is measured. Before we say a word, or as soon as they hit our ears, we measure the impact and how to respond. It’s a fight to defend or elevate our position, amd saying the wrong thing can undermine our ability to influence peers. Some males discover they can elevate their position by making themselves the arbiters of manhood and harrassing those who don’t reach a high threshold. Thus, by observing locker room interactions, the subconscious workings of manhood are revealed.

Exactly how these conversations need to change is something for us to think about. What follows are the concepts and terms you will encounter on lockerroon.group. Many are adpated from the book Penis Power by Dr. Dudley. We can make a start by looking at these as possible criteria for banter will redefine our manhood.

Penis emjoi as phallus iconography

Penis power

If you become absolutely at ease with your penis, the quality of your life will dramatically change for the better.

Dr Dudley, Penis Power.

The secret to penis power is based on this simple premise. If there is one thing that enables men to express themselves sexually and completely it is this. That’s why penis power is the central focus of the Locker Room. Building Penis Power opens the way to a deeper and more honest relationship with our penis.

Penis weakness

A pervasive issue for men all over the World, penis weakness derives from a concern about our penis size, and performance comprising sex drive, stiffies and ejaculations. It can result in growing anxiety and self-doubt which can eat away at our confidence in every aspect of life. Penis weakness is rooted in too narrowly defined norms of what is and is not acceptable for men. A hidden intramasculine system sees men apply social pressure on those who do not conform.


Potency alone is an important word to men. To be potent is to possess the power and might to influence change. And to be potent is to sustain our sexual function as the engine house of penis power and sexual energy. Looking at it like this, superpotency is the quality born from the fruits of potent ultruisitic action.

Penetrative same-sex experiences

Bum fucking and bloweys can be fun as well as mutually pleaseasurable. But in relation to manhood, penetrative sex acts between men can be complex both practically and socio-sexually. The necessity that one partner be receptive and one insertive mean both men do not meet as equals. Imagine the locker room performance and the meaning ascribed to each role one must assume and how penis weakness may be reinforced. Men who define their sexual experience in relation to fucking women or men may be less likely to experience the fullness of penis-centered bonding as a meeting of equals.

One thought on “Terminology: Locker room ideas every man needs

  1. Before meeting my husband I had a boyfriend whose penis was small (or less than average). I never had any pleasure from penatration and would fake pleasure. I can certainly feel the bond with my husband. I never knew what connection I was missing all those years. Sometimes the simple act of mutual masturbation with which both penises touch is oftentimes very empowering.

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