Not all locker rooms are the same, and none will be quite like the one you are in right now.

Chatting to a friend in the gym locker room downtown can be an awkward dance between seeking a meaningful exchange and being conscious of the unkown guys around us.

On the other hand, the locker room of a men’s sports team in which everyone knows each other is different in two ways. Firstly, a social structure exists upon which the performance of masculinity has consequences. And secondly, total privacy puts to bed castrated public ettitquette, replacing it with raw masculine intent directly from the penis. The things that are said, heard and seen here have devastating power, so much that life decisions can turn on what unfolds within this sacred space.

Meditate on a time when our claim on manhood was contested. Consider how that experience would be transformed, the conversation spun differently, radically reshaped to help ourselves and our brothers thrive. Let these words and concepts inspire you.

Penis emjoi as phallus iconography


A man’s penis is his refuge. It is never meremy the physical anatomy of the male body. I can be used interchangeably with other terms and concepts discussed here, it always refers to men’s sex organ as a totality that defies simple comprehension. s in their totality including the concepts of penis power, true manhood, and Nature represented by the three gemstones of the family jewels.

Our penis is both a lightning rod for penis power and a junction of body, mind and spirit.

Penis power

Akin to karma, penis power is built from positive intentional acts, which are fundamentally premised on the complete acceptance of the penis we have.

The more effortless and free our penis, the more our quality of life changes for the better.

We can recognise penis power as the light of our sexual energy. Wherever darkness weakens us, penis power lights a path deeper still. Cultivating it in abundance is life long but it serves us as an inner resource that brings happiness, stability and inner strength.

Penis weakness

A pervasive issue for men all over the World, penis weakness derives from a concern about penis size and performance including concerns about the height of our labido, the stiffness of our erections, and the volume of our ejaculations. It results in growing anxiety and self-doubt which can eat away at our confidence in every aspect of life. Penis weakness is rooted in too narrowly defined parameters of masculinity, unwritten rules about about what acts men either should, or should not do to be considered a man A hidden intra-masculine system sees men apply social pressure on peers who do not conform.


Potency alone is an important word to men. To be potent is to possess the power and might to influence change. And to be potent is to sustain our sexual function as the engine house of penis power and sexual energy. Looking at it like this, superpotency is the quality born from the fruits of potent altruistic action.


In relation to manhood, penetrative sex acts between men is loaded. Sexual intercourse can be meaningful, uniting and mutually pleaseasurable, but the necessity that one is passive, the other active means both do not connect as equals, and the brotherhood bond through manhood will not manifest through this act. Imagine the team locker room (see introduction), the meaning ascribed to each role in that context, and how one’s penis weakness may be reinforced through these acts. Finally, men who define their sexual experience in terms of sexual intercourse, whether with women or with men, may be less likely to discover the fullness of penis-centered bonding as a meeting of equals.

Penis emjoi as phallus iconography

The problem with the male drives is that they do not have an inbuilt constraint, or safety override which prevents men from eating each other in pursuit of power. For example, some men may discover they can gain power at the expense of others by policing manhood against criteria of their choosing enforced by bullying and harassment. Intensify this by several orders of magnitude and we realise that this toxic unconscious consumed humankind.

However, there are no such manhood criteria contained within the script, and neither are the parameters setting out how the game should be played. These exist as constructs not of genealogy or Nature but of an unhealthy, toxic manhood.

This terminology is derived from various sources, including the book Penis Power by Dr. Dudley, buddhist writings, and numerous other texts. Let it guide you into new ways of occupying, expanding and reshaping manhood.

One thought on “Terminology: Locker room ideas every man needs

  1. Before meeting my husband I had a boyfriend whose penis was small (or less than average). I never had any pleasure from penatration and would fake pleasure. I can certainly feel the bond with my husband. I never knew what connection I was missing all those years. Sometimes the simple act of mutual masturbation with which both penises touch is oftentimes very empowering.

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