Expose the secrets of sexual energy💥 and penis power💪. Unzip the man within.


Lockerroom Club is a space for men, mates, fathers, sons, and brothers to explore manhood unlimited by our own biases – both our shared masculine identity and our own sexual organ. Like an IRL locker room, this is a place to be naked and exposed. Unlike an IRL locker room, we do so comfortably and in acceptance of each other, as we are.

Millions of boys and men around the World worry about what their mates think about their body shape, penis size and performance. Some have referred to this as locker room syndrome, but it’s origins are outside, in the public sphere, and in history.

My name is Nat. Inspired by the book Penis Power, I am releasing lingering penis weakness, discovering new penis power, and becoming a superpotent man.